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Umbrella Payroll, Not Rigamarole

Whether you’re choosing umbrella payroll for ease or at the request of an agency or end-client, for many contractors, umbrella payroll is a useful functional option. 

Using umbrella payroll also provides you with an employed status with the statutory protections that accompany this. This can be useful if you’re applying for mortgages or loans.

How Is Kimson Different?

Whichever umbrella company you use, you should expect to see all of the benefits listed. The real difference is in the service you receive and the weekly charge you pay for it. On both points, Kimson delivers.

Our personal touch means that our team is available whenever you call. No endless telephone options and painful hold music! You’ll get through to one of our small team immediately and be able to deal with the same person every time if you wish.

You are welcome to join our umbrella service and leave whenever you wish. We’ll provide you a P45 and P60 accordingly. The fee we charge is just £20 per week. You get all of the benefits of using an umbrella for one of the most competitive rates in the market.

Join our umbrella payroll service and unlike with so many other providers, you’ll experience that with Kimson you genuinely are a valued customer, not just a number.

  • Same Day Payments
  • No Joining Or Leaving Fees
  • Income Continuity
  • Insurances Included
  • Pay-as-you-go Service.
  • Interactive sales dashboards
  • Contact sync
  • Visual reports
  • Read-only access
  • Automated workflows
  • Light user role
  • Task management

Service Details

Using an umbrella company allows you to hand over the administrative burden around being paid. They will manage your timesheets for you, invoice your client or agency and upon receiving funds, will calculate and deduct PAYE tax and NI contributions

IR35 Status:

Inside Roles

Payment To:

Personal Account

Tax Status:

PAYE and NI taxes paid by Kimson

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to the questions you have regarding the Umbrella PAYE. Other FAQ's.

Q. Does using an umbrella company mean that I am employed?

Although you are regarded as a ‘contractor’, you are in fact employed by the umbrella company as an employee who works on temporary work assignments, usually arranged through a recruitment agency. Kimson agrees a contract to supply your services to the agency and receives payment for your services at agreed periods (usually weekly or monthly).

As an employee at Kimson, you are entitled to comprehensive, ongoing employment rights, granting you statutory benefits like sick leave, maternity/paternity leave, and paid vacation, among others. Opting to work through a recruitment agency on a PAYE basis may not confer this status, making the umbrella company model a more advantageous choice for contractors seeking these entitlements.

Q. Do I have to set up insurance?

No, as an employee of our company, you are protected by our comprehensive insurance package, which encompasses Public Liability, Professional Indemnity, and Employers Liability insurance. Depending on the nature of their work and responsibilities, some contractors may need extra coverage. However, we can facilitate the arrangement of any additional insurance required

Q. What about my invoicing?

No need to worry about invoicing; our umbrella services will handle that for you. Simply provide us with your timesheet detailing the days or hours worked, and we’ll manage the invoicing process. In many cases, you won’t even have to send us a timesheet, as agencies typically inform us of your hours once they receive confirmation from your client.

Q. Holiday pay. How does that work?

A portion of the pay rate negotiated with your agency is allocated for your legal holiday entitlement. Should you choose, you can request that we hold onto your holiday pay, which will then be disbursed to you during your time off from the contract work. Alternatively, you have the option to receive your holiday pay with your regular weekly or monthly earnings, giving you access to the funds beforehand. Regardless of the method, your payslip will transparently indicate the amount of holiday pay disbursed to you or the sum contributed to your holiday reserve.

Q. Why does my pay include commission?

It’s a better way of combining a basic salary, which is at least the national minimum wage, with additional earnings categorised as a commission or bonus. This system accommodates the variability in contractors’ work assignments and rates, simplifying payroll processing.

Q. Employers NI has been deducted from my pay. Why?

The compensation package you negotiate with your recruitment agency or direct client encompasses a portion designated for Employers National Insurance (NI) contributions, which are due to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC). Kimson, acting as your employer, is obligated by law to withhold the Employers NI amount from your salary and remit it to HMRC. This practice is a common procedure adhered to by all umbrella companies that operate in compliance with legal standards.

Q. Is it possible to undertake multiple assignments simultaneously?

From the moment you begin until your departure, you will maintain uninterrupted employment with Kimson. Despite having a single employer, you have the freedom to engage in various assignments through different agencies if you choose to do so.

Q. Will I be able to claim expenses?

Absolutely, should you have legitimate business expenses during your contractual duties, you are eligible for reimbursement. This is contingent upon the agreement of your agency or end client to cover these expenses and your provision of all required supporting documentation and receipts for your expense claim.

Q. Do you operate same day payment?

Yes, we do. Throughout the onboarding process, we will inform you of the payment terms agreed upon with your agency or end client, specifically the timeframe for them to remit payment to Kimson after invoicing for your services. We conduct several pay runs each day and guarantee that you will receive your payment from us on the same day we receive it from your agency, provided the funds arrive prior to our last payroll processing deadline.

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