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What Happens Next?

We Review Your Details

Upon receipt of your application, we review the details are correct and perform some validation on your contract, company and bank accounts.


We Prepare The Contracts

We contact your agency or end client and ask them to provide us with a contract between us and them. This typically takes  1 or 2 days

We  then calculate the correct rate at which we will pay your limited company, and issue you with a contract for services on the new assignment rate.

You Get Paid!

With all the contracts signed, we will liaise with your agency regarding your work volume for the last period and issue them with invoices for the work undertaken.

Once it has been signed off, we will generate a self-bill invoice from your limited company to Kimson, and arrange payment.

It's that easy.



App Form Kimson DE

If you have any questions regarding this form or next steps please call 0151 272 1000